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Introduction to Typhoon Video Conversion Tool V2009.4


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Typhoon video conversion tool V2009.4 is a totally free but a powerful video conversion tool and is one of the video conversion software which is the fastest in the conversion speed at China’s IT domestic market, to allow you to convert VOB to AVI, etc. The trial process for this video conversion tool will not be very complicated. The user interface of this domestic software is very simple and easy to be understood. Typhoon video conversion tool V2009.4 can support the conversion among all kinds of the video formats and hence integrate the multiple functions within it, such as video conversion, adding water print, video editing, filtering effect, tone tuning and amplitude modulation, compression and optimization, real-time preview and multithreading conversion, etc. By use of the Typhoon video conversion tool V2009.4, you can convert VOB to AVI, MPC to AVI, MPEG to AVI, etc.
The characteristics of Typhoon video conversion tool V2009.4:
(1) Multiple supported video formats, converting VOB to AVI, AVI to AVS, AVM to ASF and so on
(2) Multiple supported image formats, converting BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG and so on
(3) Multiple supported audio formats, converting MP2, CDA, FLAC, MID, AC3, OGG, WMA, AAC, OFR, WV, FLAC and so on
(4) Multiple threading conversion with the form of batches: fast converting speed to allow the users to convert VOB to AVI and other formats by the multi-threads and also convert VOB to AVI by batches at the same time
(5) Capturing video by segments: allow users to cut out video by only converting the necessary video clips, and hence the time can be saved
(6) Configuring the senior settings: allow users to adjust tuning, amplitude modulation and width ratio, etc
(7) Converting video watermarking: add the image watermarks and word watermarks into the videos, so it is necessary to protect the copyrights
(8) Real-time preview: in the conversion process, the real-time preview on the conversion effects can be implemented, and there you can preview it when converting your files; with this Typhoon video conversion tool V2009.4, you can convert VOB to AVI, MPC to AVI, MPEG to AVI and other video formats

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