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VOB is part of DVD. Converting VOB to AVI is also called as converting DVD to AVI. Usually, it is not recommended to convert VOB to AVI independently. This is because the caption and audio track of DVD can’t be converted and can’t be kept completely unless there is only one independent VOB file in your hands, and then you can have a try to convert DVD to AVI independently. Converting VOB to AVI is a way which is seen the most commonly in DVD rip. By converting VOB to AVI, the DVD video resources sized several G can be compressed into the video sized several hundreds of M, and then can be uploaded to the internet with a limited bandwidth to share the MV resources online. Besides, although the video size is reduced greatly, this DVD rip way can’t hurt the quality of video; the AVI video files still have a very good definition after the conversion, and especially when the currently popular AVC encoding is used.
The DVD ripper software is an all-round DVD conversion tool to VOB to AVI. This all-round DVD conversion tool is the software which integrates the MP4/RM conversion expert, and also supports the conversion of the complete caption, audio track and angle in DVD. Also, this supports the multiple video formats, so it has very powerful conversion function. And the conversion speed of this conversion tool to VOB to AVI is the most quick currently. Here, a small skill can help you convert VOB to AVI fast: first copy the DVD light disk to DVD hard disk before conversion to remove the reading limitation of the driver, and then you can feel the craziest DVD conversion speed. The detailed conversion steps are shown below.
Step one: Select the VOB files or the DVD video light disks to be converted
Step two: Load the VOB files or the DVD video light disks to be converted
Step three: Select the input video format and set the parameters of converting VOB to AVI
Step four: Start the extremely fast conversion from DVD (VOB) to AVI

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